Thursday 30 August 2012

My Classroom Decorating in Progress...a Tip...AND a Freebie

A big THANK YOU to the hard working teachers who purchased items from my TpT store!  I hope they are useful - any feedback you might have is greatly appreciated!

I have been hard at work in my classroom this week. All the laminating I did at home came to school and went up around the room.  It is really beginning to come together!  I am excited for the big reveal.  I need a couple more days though so be ready:)

Now for your tip!!!  So I was in the process of creating Reagan's freebie Oh Good Graph!

I was searching around my room of a circle large enough to trace to create the pie chart and the Venn diagrams.  All of the sudden it came to me what would be perfect!

Dan, da, da, dah!!  The garbage can worked as a perfect tracer and both graphs were made and up on the wall in no time FLAT!!!  I can't wait to use these activities as getting to know you activities!!

Anywho, as I was putting together my classroom I decided to update and beautify my 5 little Self-Assessment posters I use for my students to compare their work to and decide whether or not it is finished.  I have them bring their work up and compare it to each poster until they find a match.   I ask them to explain their choice to me using a Because Clapper.  

Initially, I guide them through the process I tell them if I agree.  If it is a WOW! (WOW!'s usually receive Super Improver Stars) or a Good! then they are finished! If it is a Working on it!, etc. then they go back at erase or add to it!  It works quite well and it helps to increase the quality of the work that is handed in!

examples of student work

I ended up adding a couple of My Writing and My Colouring/Coloring Stoplight checklists along with a 3 Star Sentence anchor chart.  
Student Self Assessment
I have my students complete these after writing or colouring assignments.  

A Grade One Nut and Her Squirrelly Crew

Students take out a red, green, and a yellow crayon.  For each item on the list they colour in the corresponding circle depending on what level they have reached.  Red = Working on it!  Yellow = Good! and Green = WOW!  Then I come around and if I agree I circle my choice at the bottom of the list.  Once again, if they get a WOW! they may receive a Super Improver Star or whatever reward system you use in your classroom.  I find these little dandies quite effective!  Often I have them glue them to the back of the work for easy access when looking marking their work!  Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!

Student Work, rubrics, checklists

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