Tuesday 21 August 2012

Happy Technology Tip Tuesday!

Technology Tip:  Create your own website for Computer time!!!  I used iWeb and I uploaded it on my free webspace through my internet provider.  Not sure how many companies provide this but if Telus {click on this link if you have Telus internet for information on your personal webspace!} or Shaw provide your internet you have FREE webspace!!!  I'm not kidding!!!

iWeb is SO easy to use and upload to your webspace.  It has cute templates for free!  I have created links to educational sites for my kiddos to easily access at school or at home.  Also, I have Albums of our field trip and special day pictures.  Sometimes, I will direct the kids to a specific site for a must-do activities or I will allow them free choice time.  Click on the picture below to check it out!!!

A shout out to Mrs. Cassidy over at her amazing Grade 1 website Mrs. Cassidy's Class!  You were an inspiration!  Her site has many wonderful links, as well!!

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