Monday 20 August 2012

Must-haves Monday!

Oh Blog Hoppin' - how do I love thee - let me count the ways!  I love the little posts you inspire, I love the contests, the freebies, and the great ideas!  Here are my must-haves for back to school.

First up, my trusty little digital Canon Powershot SD630.  It helps me document my week, take picts of my kiddies and video my class!!

Second, the best coffee mug in the world.  One of my teacher buddies gushed about hers - keeps your coffee hot for hours - even into the afternoon.  I got mine from Costco.

I get so dehydrated at the beginning of the school year so water is a must.  This water bottle is also from Costco and works like a charm to keep me nice and hydrated!

SNACKS!!   I need fast, easy snacks.  Sesame snaps are one of my favourites, along with fruit snacks, and carrots!!

My key chain is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I keep it around my arm and it stays with me always.  It is so easy to just slide it down my arm to open any door I need to during my day.  No neck lanyard for me!!

Link up with Blog Hoppin' and share your Monday must-haves!!!

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